Increasing and preserving the value of onshore and offshore capital project investments around the world.

Tools and services designed to support capital investment for oil and gas operators ranging from super majors, to independent owners, to E&P service providers.

What We Do

IPA has established itself as the world’s leading advisory firm on capital projects. An experienced cadre of E&P project professionals and researchers enables IPA to tackle clients’ most complex project issues.

IPA has analyzed and collected data on more than 1,400 E&P field development projects—offshore and onshore, large and small, and at all levels design development. EP-Micro-MacroSlides IPA’s E&P business area offers clients a macro and micro view of the E&P industry landscape, having conducted assessments and supported a wide spectrum of asset development engagements around the world.

In addition to capturing and analyzing project inputs—cost and schedule data, project type and service provider information, and performance measurements, etc.—IPA regularly surveys and interviews business group and project team members to fully understand project organization structures, work processes, and project team functionality.

By harnessing the power of carefully normalized databases and leveraging nearly 30 years of empirical research and experience in assessing E&P project systems, IPA aims to provide its clients with the business intelligence necessary to institute more effective capital project systems that preserve the value of asset development investments.

Our Approach

In order to foster improved capital effectiveness of exploration and production (E&P) companies, IPA continually seeks to quantitatively link project Best Practices with improved project outcomes and increased business value. It is IPA’s view that by demonstrating the business value of achieving excellence in capital project developments, the effectiveness of E&P owner company capital project development competencies can be strengthened.

Quantitative data analysis and empirical research, combined with IPA’s nearly 30 years of experience evaluating all aspects of capital projects, enables IPA to provide E&P project organization professionals with the insights and tools they need to successfully manage project information and develop basic data, especially early in the asset development cycle. IPA’s proprietary upstream projects database contains inputs on more than 1,400 E&P field developments worldwide, part of a core capital projects database of more than 17,000 global projects.

IPA places emphasis on getting the foundation of E&P projects done right early during the business opportunity appraisal and project concept selection phases of the asset development process. The process is known across most of the Industry as Front-End Loading (FEL) (Figure 2). IPA delivers robust project development and planning intelligence services and tools valued by project teams for later phases of asset development, execution, and eventual decommissioning.

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Capital Project Evaluation
IPA offers exploration and production (E&P) clients a wide range of services and tools to assess and benchmark individual capital projects at all phases of development and also to improve project organizations and systems. The following services and tools are aimed at individual projects:

  • Asset Economic Simulator
  • Assessment of Project Shaping
  • Project Purpose/Work Process Customization
  • Concept Selection
  • Owner Cost Identification
  • Early Project Target Evaluation
  • Cost and Schedule Assurance Reviews
  • Execution Readiness Review
  • Startup Readiness and Project Closeout Review
  • Operability Review
  • Optimal Timing Assessment
  • Right Team Size Identification
  • Team Functionality Assessment
  • Exploration and Development Evaluation
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas Guidance
  • Development and Standardize Development Program Support
  • Guidance on Getting the Most E&P Procurement Organizations
  • Production Attainment Services
  • Non-Operating Partners in Joint Ventures Guidance
  • Organization and Project System Special Studies

Tools and services aimed at project organizations/systems include:

  • Exploration and Development Evaluation
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas Guidance
  • Development and Standardize Development Program Support
  • Guidance on Getting the Most E&P Procurement Organizations
  • Production Attainment Services
  • Non-Operating Partners in Joint Ventures Guidance
  • Organization and Project System Special Studies

Team Effectiveness
IPA offers organization and project team assessment services to determine owner and project team function competencies and assess team integration, including the use of contract services.

Industry Research

IPA’s Exploration and Production databases contain the historical records of more than 1,200 full asset developments. With the technical and commercial challenges facing the industry, IPA’s detailed, up-to-date databases combined with a knowledgeable staff of researchers and experienced practitioners can provide quantitative answers to many questions facing the E&P industry.

Oil and gas companies can request customized research services and participate in joint industry research studies examining capital project practices and trends. IPA research study findings are valued by clients looking to improve the capital effectiveness of their projects. Current and past studies have addressed weaknesses and potential improvements to project work processes, identified market trends, examined joint owner and owner-contractor arrangements, and reviewed project team and organizational effectiveness issues. Many other single client and joint research studies are possible.

See the full list of available studies for the Exploration & Production Industry

Training & Education

The IPA Institute, IPA’s education division, offers a suite of courses centered on various capital project development Best Practices derived from IPA research. The following are public courses frequently attended by upstream company business and project professionals:

Industry Conferences & Committees

Several owner clients participate in industry groups sponsored and coordinated through IPA. These groups gather annually to share knowledge and Best Practices for improving the capital project effectiveness of upstream projects specifically.



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Key Contact

neeraj head shotNeeraj Nandurdikar
Director, Oil & Gas Practice


As Director, Oil & Gas Practice, Neeraj oversees the day-to-day operations of IPA’s Exploration and Production business unit and also serves as Client Coordinator for one of IPA’s largest clients. As such, he is responsible for validating that the client’s $8 billion annual capital outlay is spent on projects that are well defined and ready for execution and that will deliver positive economic results.



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