Companies with capital projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Russia are able to take advantage of the data-driven capital project evaluation and research services that only Independent Project Analysis (IPA), Inc., can offer.


What We Do

From large projects to plant-based systems, IPA analysts, stationed from IPA offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, bring capital project and systems expertise to the fore, in addition to familiarity with regional business norms and markets that affect business decision making during all phases of a client’s project development process.

Moreover, IPA analysts are familiar with market research relating to capital project activity trends for the regions. Collectively, analysts working in IPA’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regional offices speak about a dozen languages, so language barriers are not a factor.


IPA has worked for many of the major European oil and gas exploration and production companies, including nationally owned companies and independent firms. IPA also serves clients in the process manufacturing and several other industries. Engagements include:

  • Benchmarking of major chemical and oil and gas project systems, to include identifying gaps in Best Practice and helping clients establish improvement programs;
  • Researching dollars per tonne metrics to understand cost effectiveness of North Sea projects;
  • Investigating fabrication costs in locations around the world that are of interest to European oil companies; and
  • Evaluating the readiness for major shutdown/turnarounds at chemical and refining sites working with a major chemical company to help define their turnaround process

Client engagements have been done in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria.

Middle East

IPA has worked for national oil companies and independent companies in countries throughout the Middle East. Those counties include Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, and Egypt.

Client engagements frequently involve identifying and confirming empirical links between project practices and faster cycle times. IPA has evaluated some of the largest new investments in the region, assessed project target setting risks, and recommended practices for improving project outcomes. Clients have turned to IPA to provide the following services:

  • Benchmark E&P facilities, processes, and infrastructure projects
  • Conduct research into the current state of the market for large market materials and services suppliers
  • Conduct organizational effectiveness and staffing assessments for project systems
  • Study shaping issues associated with the execution of megaprojects by joint ventures of independent and state oil companies
  • Develop work process recommendations for newly formed project systems
  • Train project professionals in capital project Best Practices

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
IPA research has been used to quantify the effect of good project practices and improve the performance for projects defined and executed in the CIS. Data collections, presentations, workshops, courses, and deliverables are translated and delivered in both English and Russian. Services delivered in the region include:

  • Evaluating megaprojects to identify risks and recommend improvements that have been implemented by project teams;
  • Analysing project team staffing needs for large projects;
  • Reviewing work processed to identify gaps in a project process versus Best Practice;
  • Delivering presentations on the relationship of drivers to project outcomes for Russian projects; and
  • Developing courses for project professionals independently and in conjunction with Skolkovo


IPA has provided capital project evaluation and empirical research services in South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabiwe. Examples of specific work include:

  • Evaluating productivity factors for South Africa Benchmarking of project systems to identify drivers of project outcomes and establish a basis for improvement;
  • Delivering training courses, including work process sessions, for project professionals;
  • Evaluating risks associated with a major new refining complex; and
  • Presenting workshops with project teams to identify project risks and develop an action plan to minimize risks.

Our Approach

IPA’s EMEA offices have evaluated hundreds of projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Leveraging proprietary capital project datasets covering several industries, IPA findings provide clients with empirically grounded, industry-wide benchmarks for assessing and comparing project outcomes.

Powerful statistical tools developed by IPA produce unmatched quantitative findings that provide sharp insights into project performance. Assessment and research findings are also used in determining the quality of project systems that produce those results.

IPA uses these same carefully normalized databases, in addition to an array of market forecasts and industry observations, for its client-driven research projects and subscription publications.

A core projects database containing input on more than 17,000 projects collected over the last 25 years enables IPA to prepare quantitative assessments of capital projects and empirical research into capital project systems. These assessments and research findings can be used to link project practices to successful project outcomes.


IPA provides capital project performance measurement, evaluation, research, and educational services for industry clients worldwide.

Exploration & Production
IPA has established itself as the world’s leading advisory firm on capital projects. An experienced cadre of E&P project professionals and researchers enables IPA to tackle clients’ most complex project issues.

Capital Project Evaluation
IPA uses its group of models and databases, known as the Project Evaluation System (PES®), to provide the following services to clients: Individual capital project evaluation; Competitive benchmarking; Capital project management system assessment over time.

IPA’s Project Research Division (PRD) brings a deep understanding of what drives the successful development and delivery of capital projects. Companies who turn to IPA’s research services receive practical insights and actionable recommendations to strengthen capital project business decision making, governance, and project development work processes.

Training & Education
The IPA Institute, a division of Independent Project Analysis (IPA), develops and delivers educational seminars to further IPA's mission to improve capital productivity. IPA Institute courses are derived from IPA's extensive research and quantitative analysis of capital projects, linking statistically proven Best Practices to business value.


Site and Sustaining Capital
IPA’s Site and Sustaining Capital services group is dedicated to improving the capital effectiveness of site-based project systems across all industrial sectors. Site and Sustaining Capital services cover site-managed small capital projects of several types valued US$10 million and less, including revamps, add-ons, expansions, turnarounds, and greenfield/co-located.


Organizations & Teams
The Organizations & Teams group offers services to help clients strengthen their capital project teams and make more effective use of information across all levels of a project organization. Work in this area spans all industry sectors, organization types, and project types and sizes.


Cost Engineering
The Cost Engineering group focuses on understanding what estimating practices drive capital project performance outcomes, based on the analysis of industry clients’ project evaluation and benchmarking data.


Subscriptions & Original Publications
Highly-focused original publications enable IPA to share with existing clients new research into critical areas of capital project development.


Project Assessment Software
The FEL Toolbox is software developed by Independent Project Analysis (IPA), Inc., that allows companies to self-evaluate the level of definition of small capital projects, ones valued US$20 million or less. Companies that regularly benchmark a cross-section of their small projects with IPA can license the software.

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Key Contact

nekkhil smallNekkhil Mishra
Regional Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Nekkhil Mishra
has been serving as IPA’s Deputy Director of Exploration and Production for the past two years. Since joining IPA in 2007, Mishra has reviewed more than 60 large-scale projects worldwide for major U.S. and international gas exploration companies. Notably, he was IPA’s lead analyst for the evaluation of the largest oil discovery made on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and also one of the largest gas development projects in the world.


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