Data and insights to improve the staffing, competence, and structure of capital project organizations and teams.

A Scientific Approach to Staffing and Development Decision Making

Not all capital project personnel are created equal. Based on IPA research, the average difference between the right project manager and the wrong one is 15% in cost and 30% in schedule. How can owner companies identify the right project manager for the job? What specific project manager characteristics have a proven link to project success? IPA’s Project Management Competency Assessment provides an individual assessment to help project leaders quickly and easily:


Assign the Right Project Manager for the Job


Identify Personnel Strengths and Opportunities


Pinpoint Talent Development Needs

A Project Management Competency Assessment calculates how likely a specific project manager is to achieve success. Instead of assigning a project manager based on availability or assumptions, IPA's analysis enhances decision making by providing data linked to project outcomes.

Project Managers With a HIGH
Schedule Performance Score Are
More Likely to Succeed on
Schedule-Driven Projects
Success = Competitive schedules within 20% of Industry and minimal slip
Project Managers With a HIGH
Cost Performance Score Are
More Likely to Succeed on
Cost-Driven Projects
Success = Competitive schedules within 10% of Industry and minimal growth

IPA Talent Analytics Take the Guesswork Out of Project Staffing

Personnel complete a survey enabling IPA to measure their individual strengths and opportunities relative to profiles developed based on statistically quantified relationships. The assessment correlates individual scores with the likelihood of achieving success on different types of projects (cost-driven, schedule-driven, small, and large). Project leaders can use the data to match project managers with the right projects, identify personnel strengths and opportunities, pinpoint talent development needs at the individual and organizational levels, and hire strategically.

Built on IPA Research

IPA is the world’s leading advisory firm on capital projects. The Project Management Competency Assessment is built on IPA research (The Project Manager: Competency Series Study, Industry Benchmarking Consortium [IBC] 2016) connecting project manager work experience, educational background, personality traits, and leadership style with project outcomes. The scoring system appropriately accounts for individual attributes and behaviors to predict success on various types of capital projects. IPA's assessment capabilities will be expanded to include the construction manager, engineering lead, and project controls functions in the near future.

See How It Works

Interested in how IPA’s Project Management Competency Assessment can help take the guesswork out of making key capital project staffing decisions? Contact IPA’s Organizations & Teams group to schedule an informational demo.

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