Capital Project System Evaluation


Industry's best tool to develop project delivery systems that consistently meet and exceed business expectations.

Strengthen Your Project System From Top to Bottom


Benchmark your capital project system against competitors

Project Team

Optimize your project teams and allocate the right people for your portfolio

Work Process

Identify specific work process gaps to align with Industry Best Practices

Business Assets

Strengthen relationships with partners to produce excellent business assets

The Most Comprehensive Forensic Analysis Available

The Independent Project Analysis (IPA) Capital Project System Evaluation identifies project system gaps by examining how your organization develops and executes projects from business idea to startup. It draws on IPA's unparalleled projects, teams, and organizations databases to shape and inform the analysis. Whether you are a project system manager or on the business/corporate side, the quantitative, fact-based, and definitive analysis can be trusted.

IPA Is Your Partner on the Journey to Improvement


Assess (Benchmark)

Improving your project system starts with benchmarking. We assess your competitive position in key metrics (cost, schedule, operability, and safety) and evaluate your organizational effectiveness to understand your competitive position.



From this system diagnosis, IPA builds a set of clear and specific recommendations for improvement. We work with you to establish targets for changes and improvements.



Using a workshop format, we help you build a collaborative action plan to implement the recommendations necessary to deliver improved business value.

Client Testimonials

Founded in 1987, IPA is the world's leading advisory firm on capital projects. We are a benchmarking, research, and consulting organization devoted to the empirical research of capital projects and project systems. Our work is continuously validated by our clients who routinely compare our predictions with actual results and verify that our recommendations yield business value.

"A great experience. Not only did IPA benchmark our projects, they listened, and understood the improvements we had in the works. Wonderful resources were provided, and it will help us drive improvement both in our groups and across our plant."

"This balance of mathematical rigor and the guidance that is provided as part of the report-out sets IPA's approach apart from other 'management consultants' and helps provide compelling reasons to change the way we work. We are very pleased with the work done."

"IPA remains a global expert in project evaluation and we look forward to using IPA in the future to assess project performance."

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