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Market Overview


Global project activity continues to be sluggish, but market conditions and prices seem to be on course to return to their long-term averages over the long haul. Read more...


Productivity Discussion

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The safety performance of Industry Benchmarking Consortium (IBC) participants is significantly better than the overall U.S. average for construction safety. We look at the positive correlation between safety and construction labor productivity. Read more...



EPC Market Forecast Newsletter





Current Publications


 EPC Market Forecast Newsletter

Providing historical and forecasted escalation indices for various cost categories across nine regions of the world, IPA's EPC Market Forecast Newsletter has become the standard source of cost escalation information of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction markets and is widely used in estimating the escalation line item in cost estimates. Learn more...


Capital Projects Regional Journals (seeking interest)

Focusing on the connection between regional conditions and capital effectiveness, IPA plans to develop regional publications that aim to be the definitive source of improving capital project success in a particular area of the world. Contact Jason Walker to discuss your region.


Key Contact

jason walker

Jason Walker
Senior Research Analyst


Jason is currently a Senior Research Analyst where he works with the Exploration and Production (E&P) Managers to implement long and near term research objectives, including model and infrastructure development. Over his career, Jason has led numerous research studies and has developed statistical models and tools aimed at evaluating oil and gas developments around the world. Jason has presented multiple research studies at various industry conferences and is the recipient of IPA's research excellence award.




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