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Since 2007, IPA’s EPC Market Forecast Newsletter has forecast capital project price trends 5 years into the future for nine regions of the world. Published quarterly, the newsletter is available to existing IPA clients on an annual subscription basis. The goal is to inform clients of market price trends so that:

  1. Savings can be achieved through the timing of project expenditures
  2. Accuracy of future escalation estimates are more likely

Monthly price trends are forecasted 5 years ahead for:

Cost Categories

Engineering Services, Construction Labor, Major Equipment, Bulk Materials, and Composite Regional Price.


Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, The Middle East, Singapore, South Africa, and United States.


The current focus is onshore processing plants. Cost categories unique to other areas (e.g., mining, mineral, and metal production) are routinely reported.

Subscription Information

For details on how to subscribe, please contact Jason Walker, E&P Research Team Leader.


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