Project management, portfolio management, and topic-specific courses held year round in major cities all around the world.

Sharing knowledge acquired from decades of capital project development research, IPA Institute public courses are structured as a way to:

  • Communicate Best Practices to drive better performance
  • Provide tools that can be immediately used for improving projects
  • Share real business case studies to apply the concepts learned
  • Discuss the latest market conditions and their implications relevant to the company and industry



Upcoming Public Courses

The 2017 public course schedule features reduced course durations and lower registration fees for two of our most popular courses: 

  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Small Projects

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Project Management Courses

Delivering Value Growth Through Effective Oil & Gas Developments

Producing a step change in delivering value growth in today’s environment requires business leaders and project professionals to take a new approach to planning and executing E&P assets. Read more...

Project Management Best Practices
Provides participants with a firm understanding of the critical drivers of project success based on this quantitative research. The Best Practices presented throughout the course provide participants with tools and techniques that can be immediately used to improve the planning and execution of capital projects. Read more...

Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success

In addition to understanding the critical drivers of successful industrial megaprojects, participants will learn the resourcing needs to effectively manage, plan, and execute megaprojects, and gain insight into risk mitigation approaches. Read more...

Best Practices for Site-Based Projects

Shares tools and techniques that can be used to improve the effectiveness of small (less than US$10 million) plant-based projects, which are often overlooked by large corporations. Read more...

Best Practices for Mining Projects

Focuses on key practices that can be implemented early on to improve the capital effectiveness of mining, minerals, and metals projects, including defining projects that best meet business needs, building an effective team, implementing a contracting strategy, and more. Read more...

Practices for Shorter, More Cost-Effective Turnarounds

Particpants will learn the critical drivers of short turnaround durations and lower costs and how to achieve more predictable cost and schedule outcomes. Read more...


Portfolio Management & Topic-Specific Courses

Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance
Focuses on understanding how business involvement is instrumental in effective use of capital, the key decisions that need to be made in a stage-gated capital project process, and the information needed to select and shape the most effective use of capital. Read more...

Contracting in the Changing World of Projects

Improves the understanding of the relationship between contracting practices and outcomes, and provides a set of tools and practices to align the contracting strategy, alliance arrangements, and incentive plans with business objectives. Read more...

Establishing Effective Capital Cost and Schedule Processes

Teaches project professionals how to make the most effective use of available capital by setting accurate and reliable cost and schedule targets. Read more...

Mitigating Risks of Innovation

Shares Best Practices for effective commercialization of new technology and how to measure the risks and uncertainties associated with innovation. Read more...

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