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IPA's Mission Statement

IPA improves the competitiveness of our clients through more effective use of capital in their businesses. It is our mission and unique competence to conduct research into the functioning of capital projects and project systems, and to apply the results of that research to help our clients create and use capital assets more efficiently.


We diligently strive to achieve our objectives.

  • To be unequivocally the preeminent organization in the development of tools and methods to understand projects and project systems and the efficient use of capital to create manufacturing assets
  • To continuously push out the boundaries of knowledge regarding projects
  • To continue to translate knowledge into competitive advantage for our customers
  • To maintain our profitability
  • To have fun!

Operating Principles

Our foundation is built on high standards.

  • Commitment to product excellence
  • Stability of employment
  • Social and ethical responsibility to our customers and our community


Our success is driven by staying true to our principles of operation.

  • We will undertake only sustainable, high-quality growth; there will be no growth for growth’s sake
  • We will maintain an excellent staff through diversity and good benefits
  • We recognize and accept that we have responsibilities to our community and to those in our community who are less fortunate
  • We will act as an honest broker of information among our customers and their industries
  • We will protect confidentiality while disseminating improvements that will benefit our customers
  • We will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in an atmosphere that stresses teamwork and cooperation over internal competition
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