Snapshot: Subsea Tieback Demonstration Webinar


Until now, the capital projects industry has lacked digital tools that enable project teams to access reliable and trustworthy data easily and efficiently for rapid decision-making. To fill this void, IPA has developed Snapshot: Subsea Tieback, a cloud-based software solution that provides real-time independent evaluations for fast-paced subsea tiebacks.

Snapshot uses automation to simplify the process of data collection and analysis. The software improves IPA’s Project Evaluation System (PES®) by providing critical data and valuable insights to business and project teams faster.

Please join us on September 28, 2020, for a free live demo of the Snapshot: Subsea Tieback software. IPA Energy Research Leader Jon Walker will discuss why IPA developed Snapshot, and what subsea tieback project teams can expect when using the capital project assessment software.

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