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Driving capital project improvement globally

The success of infrastructure projects is critical not only to the developer, investor, or contractor, but also to the local population and regional government entities. Marked by increased competition and regulatory scrutiny, these often complex projects face a variety of challenges that pose threats to capital effectiveness, including cost and schedule governance, contracting approaches, sustainability practices, stakeholder alignment, and more. From small maintenance projects to multi-billion dollar megaprojects, IPA’s experience helping navigate these challenges to improve and maintain capital effectiveness stretches back decades. Much of IPA’s early groundbreaking research on the project planning factors most critical to success included key data from infrastructure projects. Over the years, IPA has added to that initial set of data, research, and metrics as we continue to help infrastructure projects achieve predictable and competitive results.

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We work with owner companies, governments, developers, and investors around the world on power, transportation, and building projects with diverse scopes:

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