Offshore Leadership Forum to Focus on Improving and Sustaining Capital Efficiency of Oil and Gas Projects

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Independent Project Analysis (IPA) and Offshore Magazine will bring together a select group of oil and gas executives for the Offshore Leadership Forum. The focus of the event, taking place at the Norris Centers in Houston, Texas, is discussing and sharing ideas on how to improve and sustain the capital efficiency of major oil and gas projects.

“These are the most perilous and difficult times in the petroleum Industry since 1984,” said IPA Founder and President Ed Merrow. “It is urgent that we find new approaches to petroleum development to cope with a lower price environment that may be with us from now on. This forum seeks to bring together some of the best minds in leadership in the Industry to rethink how we do the work of supplying the world with energy.”

The executives, including Merrow, will first participate in a pre-event closed-door roundtable meeting, where they will exchange perspectives on improving the engineering, design, and development of exploration and production capital projects. Event attendees will be the first to hear the ideas that come out of this discussion when a short list of speakers share insights and engage in a Q&A session later that morning.

Executives interested in influencing the E&P Industry’s future and redefining industry Best Practices are invited to attend. Visit the Offshore Leadership Forum website for registration information. Contact Neeraj Nandurdikar, IPA Director, Oil & Gas Practice, with questions about the event.

Event Details

Offshore Leadership Forum
Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Norris Centers
Houston, Texas

Confirmed Speakers

Ed Merrow, Founder and President, IPA
Carri Lockhart, Senior VP, Offshore, Statoil
Adrian Luckins, VP Global Projects, BP
Khalid Mateen, VP Engineering & Technology, TOTAL E&P
Bruce Laws, President, Former, Maersk Oil Houston

Executive Roundtable Participants

In addition to the speakers listed above, the following executives will also participate in the closed roundtable discussion.

Paul Harris, President, Nexen Petroleum USA
Shashank Karve, Executive VP, Projects, Cobalt International Energy
George Hatfield, VP Major Projects, Noble Energy
Don Vardeman, Senior VP, Retired, Anadarko
Joe Gregory, President, Project Resources Co, Chevron, Invited
John Plugge, VP Project Management and Execution, ExxonMobil Development Co., Invited
Susan Cunningham, Executive VP, Exploration, New Ventures, Frontier, EHSR and Business Innovation, Noble Energy, Invited

Event Recaps

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