Helping the Elderly and Less Fortunate in the Community

IPA’s team in Brazil is active in helping the elderly and less fortunate in their community year-round. Their charity events even draw in outside participation from neighboring offices. Here are some highlights.

Bonés (Ball Cap) Day

Putting their own twist on Woolly Hat Day, the Curitiba staff wore baseball-style caps—more suitable to the southern hemisphere in January—in signifying their support for charity. Curitiba staff donated towels, bed sheets, and blankets that will be delivered at FAS-Fundação de Ação Social de Curitiba (Foundation of Social Assistance). The Foundation maintains a number of shelters for homeless people, where they can pass the night.

ACAI Risotto Dinner

The Curitiba office hosted a Risotto Dinner in September in benefit of Associação Cristã de Assistência a Idosos (ACAI), a local organization that assists poor elderly members of the community, and their families, in vulnerable situations. Mrs. Sônia Seidel, ACAI’s current administrator and daughter of the founder Mr. José Seidel, spoke at the event.

Kitsch Art Blind Auction

The Curitiba office held a Kitsch Art Blind Auction in support of its elderly care initiative. All funds raised were used to buy nutritional supplements for elderly individuals in need.

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