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IPA Newsletter June 2019 (Volume 11, Issue 2)

In this issue:

Capital Projects Struggle to Implement Digitalization
Companies that integrate digitalization into their systems can expect to see a comparative advantage in capital project delivery. IPA can help project organizations maximize the value of their data.

Call for Participation
Re-Evaluating Owner’s Cost KPIs and Cost-Cutting Strategies: When is Enough Enough?
IPA is launching a new research study to help E&P owner companies maximize cost competitiveness by making smarter decisions around staffing projects and optimizing resources across their portfolios. E&P owner companies are invited to participate in this collaborative study.

The Challenges of Pipeline Projects in North America
Pipelines are becoming more difficult and expensive to build. As demand increases in North America, organizations that use data effectively will gain an advantage over competitors. IPA offers pipeline-specific data analysis tools to benchmark cost and schedule competitiveness, identify risks, and quantify project readiness.

E&P Capital Project Industry Trends and Forecasts Showcased at UCEC 2019
Upstream Cost Engineering Committee (UCEC) member companies gathered in June 2019 to review new exploration and production industry metrics and hear the latest IPA research on cost engineering trends.


Also in this issue:

  • Project Leader Workshop: Understanding and Honing Your Individual Leadership Capabilities
  • IPA Institute 2019 Public Course Schedule
  • IPA Week 2019: Innovate. Integrate. Celebrate
  • Procurement and Contracting Committee 2019
  • IPA Events and Presentations


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