Upstream Project Team Staffing Assessment

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Answer These Key Project
Staffing Questions

  • Do we have enough resources to manage the project effectively?
  • Are project team full-time equivalents (FTEs) distributed across functions appropriately?
  • Which functions are understaffed? Which are overstaffed?
  • What are the associated risks in my current staffing plan?
  • Is the timing and speed of the team’s ramp-up appropriate?
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To successfully deliver your next major project

People are the most critical component of capital projects. Megaprojects have a 65% failure rate and this poor performance is often traced back to problems rooted in the staffing or functioning of the project team. The Upstream Project Team Staffing Assessment taps into IPA’s unmatched database to determine whether your staffing plan sets the project up for success or failure.

Example of chart included in report.

“We have been using the content of your report to build our case for a strengthened owner’s team and structure… a big thank you from us.”

Project Manager, Major Oil & Gas Company

Data-Based Benchmarking

IPA’s Project Team Staffing Assessment uses proprietary analytical tools and our detailed staffing database tracking resource allocations for more than 50 oil & gas industry projects. The database encompasses over 20,000 individual roles, grouped into 13 project functions, with individual FTE allocations by month across the project life cycle. The comprehensiveness and granularity of the data enable detailed insights for your project, from whether the team is ramping up too fast or too late, to which positions are missing within specific functions.

Key Features

  • Key independent staffing reference point helps overcome lack of reliable, normalized internal comparisons
  • The staffing analysis indicates where staffing levels deviate from norms, by function and project phase
  • FTE benchmarks for FEL 3 and Execution phases, across 13 functions, for the entire project team, regardless of owner/agency status
  • Profile comparison highlights resource timing (i.e., are people in place at the right time?)
  • Benchmarks normalized to unique characteristics of project (size, scope, contracting strategy, etc.), backed by statistical models from detailed staffing database of E&P developments
  • Assessment frames analytical results within wider project/organizational context

Key contact

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Katya Petrochenkov

Deputy Director, Organizations and Teams

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Talk to IPA to determine if your project is staffed for success or failure.