Choosing the Right People to Lead Your Projects


Using Data to Improve Talent Management

Project manager background and experience, personality, and leadership style all offer key data points for choosing the right people to lead capital projects. In this free on-demand webinar, Independent Project Analysis (IPA) Organizations and Teams experts Sarah Sparks and Lucas Milrod provide an overview of IPA’s project competency research and offer insights into how project organizations can leverage the findings to improve their talent management systems. Key topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Defining project competency requirements based on current and future portfolio
  • Clearly defining job requirements
  • Staffing projects strategically
  • Taking a holistic approach to staffing
  • Developing staff with portfolio in mind
  • Aligning individual development with organizational needs
  • Measuring performance against clearly defined criteria

Background on IPA’s Project Competency Research

Project managers who are capable of leading successful small projects may not be able to duplicate that performance on large projects. Likewise, while some individuals are better suited to lead schedule-driven projects, others may perform better on cost-driven projects. It was at the 2016 Industry Benchmarking Consortium (IBC) where IPA first shared its project competency research findings linking specific personality traits to successful project outcomes. The result of this research is that project organizations can now use data to make key staffing and development decisions rather than relying on availability or guesswork.