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Understanding and Honing Your Individual Leadership Capabilities

Become the Leader You Want to Be

Leadership is one of the most influential factors in determining the success or failure of large, complex capital projects. Because complex projects fail more than twice as often as smaller capital projects, strong project leadership is non-negotiable. Attend this workshop to gain the knowledge and skills to tackle the most common challenges faced by project leaders:

  1. Establishing a large, multi-functional organization from scratch
  2. Making complex decisions quickly
  3. Managing a diverse set of stakeholders effectively
  4. Addressing conflicts at the interpersonal, contractor, and third-party organization levels
  5. Succeeding under extreme pressure

In this workshop, you will learn how your leadership profile compares to the best, test your decision-making skills, and develop an action plan to become a successful complex project leader. You are afforded oppotunities to continue leadership development through progress reviews with instructors and sharing experiences with peers.


Key Benefits

  • Improve your ability to lead and function on highly complex projects
  • Understand the traits of successful project leaders and how you compare
  • Learn from real-life project leadership experiences via a Decision-Making Obstacle Course®
  • Develop a personal action plan to immediately begin your improvement journey
  • Join a network of peers to share experiences and learn from the experiences of others


Topics Covered

Leading Through Complexity

Discuss foundational principles of effective leadership in a complex project environment. Identify the traits, skills, and personality characteristics shared by effective project leaders and the experiences that shape their behavior.

What Kind of Project Leader are You?

Define and share your leadership story. Understand your individual traits and tendencies, and how they differ from successful project leaders. Conduct an experience inventory to identify key developmental experiences and gaps. Develop a leadership philosophy and action plan.

Developing and Leading an Effective Team

Discuss what an effective project team looks like on complex projects. Learn strategies to build relationships, effectively communicate, and sustain your team in a high-stress environment.


A Continuous Engagement Experience

Before the Workshop: Complete a survey that assesses your leadership profile relative to the top leaders in Industry. Then, get into the right mindset for the workshop by running through a decision-making scenario.

During the Workshop: Learn how your leadership profile compares to the best project leaders. Learn from successful project leaders and test your decision-making skills via a virtual obstacle course. Share learnings and experiences with other leaders struggling with similar challenges and build an action plan to chart your path to joining the rank of top leaders!

After the Workshop: Become part of the leadership network to continue sharing experiences and routinely check-in with your instructor to discuss progress on your action plan.


Workshop Background

This unique workshop brings together IPA’s Industry-leading project expertise with the Praevius Group’s extensive leadership expertise. It leverages groundbreaking IPA research that quantitatively links individual leadership characteristics to project outcomes. The results of this work enabled IPA to develop detailed profiles with the leadership attributes associated with success. This work is detailed in the book, Leading Complex Projects, written by IPA’s Edward Merrow and Neeraj Nandurdikar. The Praevius Group’s Decision-Making Obstacle Course® enables participants to test their decision-making skills and gain practical experience from top leaders in the capital projects industry.

The Project Leader Workshop is available as both a public and private training seminar. View the events page to find upcoming workshops near you. For those interested in private delivery, the training material can be tailored to fit with your company’s ongoing development program over the course of several months or a year.
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This course was developed in collaboration with the Praevius Group.



IPA Training Programs

Any standard IPA Institute training program can be delivered privately to your organization at your preferred location and held at a time that best meets your company’s requirements.

  • Topics from different courses can be combined to create a semi-customized seminar
  • Course durations can be altered to fit a client organization’s schedule requirements
  • Convenient location, delivery dates, and delivery format (traditional classroom, webinar, etc.)
  • More cost-effective than public seminars when training larger groups of people

Program Benefits

  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Focused

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