Examining the Challenges Facing Capital Projects in Western Canada

Since 2013, IPA has been closely examining the challenges facing capital projects in Western Canada. To help project teams understand what they are up against, IPA addresses and quantifies these local challenges through the biannual Western Canada Capital Projects Journal.

Continuously building upon research topics covered in previous editions, the following is an overview of the third and current edition:

  • Database Update: Key characteristics of 101 projects recently added to the Western Canada database.
  • Project Performance Measure (Metric) for the Period: A look at what the most successful projects in the region are doing.
  • Managing Projects in a Labor-Short Environment: What do module fabrication yards need from owner companies to be successful?
  • Western Canada Technology Developments: Why is there a significant discrepancy between publicly available reported costs for in situ development projects and those in the IPA database, and what does it mean for owners?
  • Quantifying Regional Context and the Link to Performance: A detailed analysis measuring the effect of winter construction days compared against a control group.
  • EPC Discussion: A discussion with IPA’s Olfa Hamdi, subject matter expert on WorkForce Planning, offering insights into the benefits of this popular Western Canadian practice.

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