Andrew McCullin

(Chairman of the Board) Retired Director of Engineering - Dupont

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Edward Merrow

Founder and President

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Graham Cattell

Retired Head of Discipline for Capability and Projects - BP

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Murray Covello

Retired VP of Global Supply Systems - Praxair

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Michael McFadden

Director, Project Research Division

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Fr. Andrew Merrow

Rector - St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Arlington, Virginia)

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Loretta Merrow

Corporate Secretary

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Neeraj Nandurdikar

Director, Energy Practice

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James Russo

Managing Director - Potomac Consultants Group

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Elizabeth Sanborn

Chief Operating Officer

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Don Vardeman

Retired VP of Worldwide Projects - Anadarko

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Margaret Walker

Retired VP Engineering and Technology Centers - Dow

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Pam Wertz

Chief Development Officer

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