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Insights & Analytics to Deliver Capital Effective Hydrogen Projects

Companies investing in hydrogen production as another form of carbon neutral energy must consider a number of challenges as they work toward meeting their corporate goals. Undisciplined project systems and underprepared project organizations and teams will struggle to manage their growing portfolios effectively given the risks associated with applying and/or scaling up new technology, in addition to the trend of increased risk transfer from engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms to owner companies. Business and project teams must have an unbiased industry perspective of cost-competitiveness to maintain profitability and a comparative advantage in this rapidly-evolving industry and make the right decisions in early phase development to overcome the economic uncertainty of the sector.

Those operating carbon-neutral hydrogen facilities must manage their increasing sustaining and maintenance portfolios cost effectively. Companies producing carbon-intensive hydrogen need to have a clear understanding of their carbon management performance and must continuously reduce their carbon footprint to meet end goals. Those delivering hydrogen megaprojects must navigate the risks, from the opportunity shaping phase all the way through the project’s lifecycle, that cause so many complex projects to fail (e.g., cost growth, schedule slip, and operational problems).

IPA has helped companies in many sectors successfully navigate industry-specific challenges for decades. Continue below to browse our offerings and read insights applicable to the hydrogen sector. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your company deliver capital effective and competitive hydrogen projects.

Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

Carbon Capture and Storage Project Cost Norms

Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

IPA is launching a new research study to establish capital cost norms for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. Organizations that participate will gain access to essential CCS project cost metrics and insights to directly inform and improve early decision-making. Don’t miss your chance to participate and directly influence the study scope!

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