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Optimize the staffing, competence, and structure of your project organization and teams

People are the most critical component of a capital project. Poor project performance can often be traced back to problems rooted in the staffing or functioning of the project team, or even further back to the capabilities and operating (or lack thereof) of the project organization. IPA’s Organizations & Teams Group helps project systems maximize the value delivered by providing unparalleled insights into what drives competitive organizations and successful teams.

Optimizing Your Organization

Find solutions to your complex organizational challenges

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Strengthening Your Project Teams

Improve project success by setting up effective teams

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Supporting Talent Management Systems

Strategically allocate and develop the right people for your portfolio.

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Become the Leader You Want to Be

Project Leader Workshop

The inaugural Project Leader Workshop takes place October 1-2, 2019, in Houston, Texas. In this workshop, you will learn how your leadership profile compares to the best, test your decision-making skills, and develop an action plan to become a successful complex project leader.

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