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Deliver Successful & Competitive Renewable Energy Projects

With rapidly growing investment in renewable energy projects, including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy, incumbent players will face strong competition from major energy companies entering the market with strong project discipline and large amounts of capital. Companies that do not understand the competitiveness of their projects and how to make improvements—at all project phases—will find it difficult to keep up with industry leaders. In the coming years, simple projects with easy grid connections and favorable topography will become less common, and owner companies will need to take on more complex projects and more project risk to continue growing. Considering the industry trend of increasing risk transfer from engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms to owner companies, it is important for renewable energy companies to optimize their project systems and organizations with the right structures and Best-in-Class practices to manage their growing portfolios effectively.

The complex nature of offshore and onshore wind projects makes them highly susceptible to cost growth, schedule slip, and operational problems. This is especially true for companies that are unable to navigate the associated risks, from stakeholder alignment and supply chain challenges to permitting and commissioning. Companies that do not manage their sustaining and maintenance portfolios cost-effectively will waste millions in capital. Since 1987, IPA has been a trusted advisor to companies in all energy sectors, and we have been at the forefront of the energy transition within the capital projects industry. Browse our renewable energy offerings and insights below to learn more. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your company deliver successful renewable energy projects.

JPT Features IPA’s Early Commitment Article

JPT republished this IPA article that outlines how understanding and mitigating the risks of early commitment in new energy projects is the key to their success.

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New Technology Commercialization Challenges

For new ventures and startups, recognizing the challenges that new technology brings and addressing them early in the development cycle is a hallmark of successful innovation.

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Early Operations Integration Is Key in Renewables

Integrating owner operations representatives early in the project lifecycle leads to more predictable and more competitive project and business results, especially for renewables.

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CAPEX Data Are Key for Offshore Wind Auctions

Clearly understanding what realistically drives a project’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) is essential to making sound bids at offshore wind auctions and avoiding the winner’s curse.

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Offshore Wind Faces Supply Chain Headwinds

IPA shares data-driven lessons learned and Best Practices to help owner companies in the offshore wind sector prepare for looming supply chain challenges.

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Ed Merrow

WindEurope Interview

Ed Merrow

IPA Founder and President Edward Merrow shares his perspectives on offshore wind and IPA’s role within the sector.

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