Elizabeth Sanborn

Chief Operating Officer

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Brad Lough

Chief Financial Officer

More about Brad Lough

Pam Wertz

Chief Development Officer

More about Pam Wertz

David Dulansey

Chief Information Officer & General Counsel

More about David Dulansey

Allison Aschman

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

More about Allison Aschman

Paul Barshop

Director, Asia Pacific

More about Paul Barshop

Kevan Brown

Director, Database Controls

More about Kevan Brown

Andrew Griffith

Director, Consortia Membership & the IPA Institute

More about Andrew Griffith

Phyllis Kulkarni

Director, North America

More about Phyllis Kulkarni

Astor Luft

Director, Latin America

More about Astor Luft

Michael McFadden

Director, Project Research Division

More about Michael McFadden

Deborah McNeil

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

More about Deborah McNeil

Nekkhil Mishra

Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia

More about Nekkhil Mishra

Neeraj Nandurdikar

Director, Energy Practice

More about Neeraj Nandurdikar

Carlos Tapia

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

More about Carlos Tapia

Jovan Giaimuccio

Product Development Leader, Project Evaluation System

More about Jovan Giaimuccio

David Gottschlich

Chief Scientist

More about David Gottschlich

Andras Marton

Manager, Hydrocarbon Processing and Transportation

More about Andras Marton

Katherine Marusin

Product Development Leader, Site & Sustaining Capital

More about Katherine Marusin

Hunter Mayo

Quality Manager

More about Hunter Mayo

Aditya Munshi

Deputy Director, Cost Analysis Group

More about Aditya Munshi

Kelli Ratliff

Deputy Director, Consortia Membership & the IPA Institute

More about Kelli Ratliff

Sarah Sparks

Product Development Leader, Organizations & Teams

More about Sarah Sparks

Jason Walker

Principal Deputy Director, Research

More about Jason Walker

Natalia Zwart

Manager, Chemicals, Life Sciences & Nutrition, and Pulp & Paper

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