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Strengthening portfolio planning and execution capabilities for a fast growing industry

Data center projects deliver essential infrastructure to support the websites, services, and technologies that keep our businesses and personal lives running. All aspects of contemporary life, from entertainment to business, use technology that relies on data centers. The industry is challenged to satisfy the increasing demand for data centers as technology use continues to grow exponentially. The market is driving developers to build more data centers each year with a focus on delivering these facilities with extremely high reliability and faster schedules. Companies are leveraging IPA to improve their control over increasingly larger portfolios of data center projects. For example, our clients use IPA research and consulting solutions to integrate new organizational design and streamlined work processes that enable individual teams and the overall project system to better manage a growing workload without sacrificing speed and quality.

IPA has led the industry in investigating Best Practices for planning and executing capital projects. We evaluate projects of all sizes, from multi-billion-dollar projects to sustaining capital. We also provide specific recommendations to help businesses achieve predictable and competitive project outcomes. IPA extensive research and analysis addresses risks at both the project and system level, for example, closing gaps in cost controls, improving supply chain management processes and ensuring adequate staffing.

IPA's carbon capture and storage research study will help improve decision-making for data center projects.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Project Performance Norms

IPA's carbon capture and storage research study will help improve decision-making for data center projects.

IPA is launching a new research study to establish capital cost and schedule norms for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) projects. Organizations that participate will gain access to essential CCUS project cost metrics and insights to directly inform and improve early decision-making. Don’t miss your chance to participate and directly influence the study scope!

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