Improving Project Performance During Turnarounds

IPA’s Capital Project and Turnaround Integration Workshop

Many projects require significant construction and tie-in work during a turnaround shutdown period when plant production comes to a halt. But sometimes the project team is left in the dark as to when the turnaround work will take place and how long its duration will be, making planning difficult. It is the need for integrated planning between the project and turnaround teams that gets overlooked. A Capital Project and Turnaround Integration Workshop can serve to highlight to all parties (the project and turnaround teams, and management) the importance of integrating planning and identifying specific activities that should be performed.

During the workshop, small groups of project and turnaround team members review “road maps” of integration activities displayed in optimal sequences and with optimal timings, measured in months, before a turnaround start. Each group reports back on activities that have been overlooked or that have not been performed early enough. From these reports, a list of action items, complete with date dues and team member responsibilities, is developed. In addition, the workshop establishes joint project team/turnaround team meetings, as their need becomes apparent.

IPA facilitates these 1-day workshops immediately following a capital project prospective interview. The workshops can take place as early as 18 months before the planned turnaround start date or as late as 4 months prior to the turnaround; the most advantageous time for this workshop is highly dependent on the total turnaround (maintenance plus project) size, measured in craft labor hours. Attendees should be roughly split between project team members and turnaround team members, with at least 10 but no more than 20 participants in the group.

For more information, visit IPA’s Site & Sustaining Capital page.

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