Optimizing Your Project Organization – Best Practices and Staffing Solutions for Your Portfolio

A company in the midst of strengthening the capabilities of its project organization was seeking data-driven insights to support decision-making and improvement. Independent Project Analysis (IPA) provided comparative analytics and insight related to the project organization’s responsibilities and practices across five areas critical for organizational effectiveness.

Key comparisons were made relative to top performing companies across all industries as well as similar companies. To identify systemic staffing strengths and weaknesses, an assessment of the team staffing for a diverse sample of large projects, including Industry benchmarks, was also provided.

All components of the assessment were integrated into a single deliverable that highlighted the organization’s strengths and opportunities and provided actionable recommendations to support improvement. The results were delivered via presentation, after which IPA conducted a workshop to support the prioritization of actions and development of a clear path forward to help the company optimize its project organization to better support capital effectiveness.

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