UCEC 2023 Annual Meeting Brings Members Together in Houston

This year’s annual meeting of IPA’s Upstream Cost Engineering Committee (UCEC 2023) will be held on Thursday, June 15, 2023, in downtown Houston, Texas. In addition, live webinars will be held for key presentations following the meeting for those who cannot attend in person.

The objective of the UCEC is to improve upstream business results by improving cost engineering and project control functions and processes. The committee’s primary focus is the development and sharing of hundreds of metrics, tools, and research. The UCEC cost, schedule, and quantity-based metrics are used by member companies to validate their internal estimates with industry data. UCEC also provides research into practices and project characteristics that drive better cost and schedule outcomes.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for the member companies’ cost engineering professionals to gather and review the latest UCEC metrics packages prepared by IPA. IPA will share the updates and highlights of this year’s metrics program in addition to research topics listed below:

  • Market Trends
  • Estimate Validation and Review
  • Project Controls Organizations

As part of UCEC 2023, IPA analysts will also present help sessions and case studies to demonstrate how to best use UCEC metrics and tools. The meeting will wrap up with a metrics and research brainstorming session.

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