Helping the Homeless and Reducing Troubles that Lead to Homelessness

Each year IPA corporate and North America regional staff are asked to vote for one initiative focusing on a particular group in need. In 2018, the initiative was helping the local homeless and reducing troubles that lead to homelessness. Here’s a look at some of the events staff participated in.

Wooly Hat Day

Breakfast casseroles were made by and sold to staff, raising funds for the Loudoun County (Virginia) homeless shelter. Many chose to wear woolly hats like their colleagues in the EMEA office in raising money for St. Mungo’s Homeless Charity (United Kingdom).

Chili Cook-Off

An annual event at the North America office, this year 11 cooks heated up their favorite chili recipes for their work colleagues to judge. Money collected as admissions to the event was given to Mobile Hope of Loudoun.


Seventeen bakers entered a battle royale for best cake honors, as voted on by staff who donated to Friends of Loudoun Mental Health to sample the different cakes.

Indoor Yard Sale

Staff brought in items they no longer needed at home or around the office and sold those times to co-workers at an in-door yard sale that raised money for the local Meals on Wheels program.

Other fundraising events included a pancake breakfast, a pumpkin carving contest, a bake sale, and the office’s annual toy drive in support of The Marine Toys for Tots Program.

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