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A Data-Supported Approach to Organizational Redesign/Rebuild

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The Problem

The client explained:

“Our operating model for delivering capital projects has not been driving the enterprise-level results we need, and our capital project portfolio is undergoing a dramatic shift over the next 5 years—leadership wants a change! We currently have disjointed approaches to capital project execution, which has led to inconsistent performance as well as a lack of awareness and decision making ability for the company as a whole. We are considering a reorganization and need help to understand important considerations that should be made, trade-offs, and to design the approach would help us get to where we want to be.”

The company sought IPA’s help to design a new approach for delivering capital projects.

IPA’s Solution—A Collaborative Effort

IPA worked as a member of a client-led team to develop a new capital projects operational model and create the organization to support it. IPA staff worked collaboratively with the client team, senior stakeholders, and business unit leadership to clearly articulate drivers of the organizational change, define the design objectives, and collaboratively develop deliverables in support of the initiative. Data and insights from Industry were provided throughout the process to support the decision-making process.

As part of this effort, IPA took a leadership role in stakeholder alignment and produced organizational model alternatives with tradeoffs. For each model, we defined how well the model would satisfy the client’s objectives and how the model might function within the broader context of the company. Once the client evaluated the alternatives and decided on a path forward, IPA supported the detailed development of the chosen model, change management planning, and implementation of the new model.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

In this case, IPA worked side-by-side with the client in building a new operational model and organization, not just providing reports and presentations. IPA presented data and research throughout the organizational design process to support decision making.

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