Case Study

Building an Effective Team From the Start

The Problem

“How many people do I need to optimally develop and execute our project? How should the project team be structured? We will need to hire a significant number of people for this project. What should our priorities be?”

These were the questions from a company developing a project that was significantly more complex than its typical project type.

IPA’s Solution

Using our detailed team databases, we provided industry staffing benchmarks for the company’s owner project management team based on similar projects in Industry. IPA then developed detailed, customized organizational charts using industry team structure data, supplemented with our knowledge of the unique project complexities and interfaces. Team staffing benchmarks and organizational charts were complemented by Best Practices in forming, hiring, and maintaining effective teams.

“A fantastic presentation! It flows logically and makes so much sense.”
Project Director

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The study highlighted that team leadership was not only planning to have insufficient resources, it lacked plans to staff several critical functions throughout the project’s life cycle. The results were presented to project leadership and additional IPA insights related to project team staffing and structure were provided through participation in a client-led workshop. The client used the study to inform decision making related to the project’s staffing and hiring strategy and fine tune its plans to structure the team based on IPA’s recommendations.

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