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Data-Driven Insights to Strengthen Our Organization Staffing

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The Problem

A company in the midst of strengthening the capabilities of its project organization was seeking data-driven insights to support decision making and improvement. The company wanted to know:

“Is my project organization setup appropriately? Is my work process comprehensive enough? Do I have the people I need to execute my most important projects?”

IPA’s Solution

IPA conducted a thorough evaluation of the client’s project system, including all elements of the organizational structure, involvement in the project management process, organizational roles and responsibilities, and the work process. Key comparisons were made to top performing companies across all industries and to similar companies.

Staffing analyses were also conducted on three very large and complex projects to determine if each project had the people necessary and to identify areas of concern.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The evaluation revealed gaps in the responsibilities and practices of the client’s project organization when compared to top performing companies in Industry. It also showed that the client was staffing large, but incomplete, owner project teams that were structured in a manner that did not fully account for the nuances of very complex projects. All components of the assessment were integrated into a single, comprehensive deliverable that highlighted the organization’s strengths and opportunities and provided actionable recommendations to support improvement. The results were delivered via a presentation that IPA developed in collaboration with the client to prioritize actions and develop a clear path forward to help the company optimize its project organization to better support capital effectiveness.

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