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Developing Best-In-Class Front-End Loading (FEL) 3 Packages

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The Problem

An exploration & production (E&P) company’s existing work process precluded development of Best-in-Class basic design, cost estimate/schedule, and contracting strategies. As a functionally-based organization, the company experienced a lack of collaboration on projects, with each function having its own objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

IPA’s Solution

IPA Capital Solutions updated the client’s work processes with current research on Best Practices for workflow. IPA analyzed and re-designed each of the client’s work processes, forming working teams with the client to develop detailed work process maps for each activity. The newly designed work processes included interface points between organizations, including information flow across the interface.

We also developed a suite of KPIs designed to drive improvement in gatekeeping and assurance for basic design, cost estimating, scheduling, and contracting. IPA also developed project team roles and responsibilities and established accountabilities for individual functions.

Delivery and Client Use of the Solutions

With the full support of company leadership, the new work processes were successfully deployed across the company and expanded to other project areas.

Key contact

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Allison Aschman

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

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Carlos Tapia

Director, Integrated Energy Practice

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