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Evaluating Plans for a New Project Organization

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The Problem

“How do my plans for a new project organization compare to existing organizations? Have I considered all major elements? What are common pitfalls to look out for? Am I ready to start turning my plans into reality?”

These questions were asked by a company establishing a project organization from scratch for a multi-billion dollar portfolio of capital projects.

IPA’s Solution

IPA assessed the client’s plan to develop a new project organization. We used data on Best-in-Class organizations to identify strengths and gaps in planning across several key areas, including the purpose, structure, key roles, and functional composition of the proposed organization.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The study identified several undeveloped or under-developed areas in the client’s plans. One key area of weakness was the insufficient definition around how the organization would be implemented and integrated within the company and how its performance would be measured. IPA then worked with the client to identify, prioritize, and address key areas for development in its plans. The client implemented the highest priority changes but ultimately determined it was moving too fast and needed to take a more measured approach to planning.

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