Case Study

Implementing the Project Sponsor Role

The Problem

A mining, minerals, and metals organization frequently made late changes to projects and recycled projects during Front-End Loading (FEL), also known as the project definition phase. As a result, projects were developed without a clear business case leader. Incomplete FEL 1 work and a poor approach to concept selection resulted in unresolved issues and poor decision-making.

IPA’s Solution

IPA Capital Solutions developed a project sponsor job description for the organization to establish accountability, improve decision making, and ensure cross-organizational alignment on business case and project strategy. Starting with an outline based on industry Best Practice, we gathered input and perspective from key stakeholders within the company, including the Board of Directors and CEO, to tailor the role according to client needs and organizational capability. We then coached newly assigned sponsors on two high-profile projects to prepare them for the role and responsibilities.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The first two projects with the new role in place showed immediate improvement. The project sponsor achieved cross-functional understanding and alignment, with all functions working on a set of shared objectives. The organization has seen increases in the quality of information used to update the business case for projects at the next development stage gate.

Key contact

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Allison Aschman

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

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Carlos Tapia

Director, Integrated Energy Practice

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