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Re-Aligning a Project Management Organization With Reduced Capital Spend

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The Problem

An integrated oil company’s project management office (PMO) was deemed too large for the reduced capital spend in response to a lower oil price environment. The client decided to reduce staffing but did not want to lose PMO capability to handle the existing project portfolio. Minimizing long-term damage while maintaining the capability to ramp up for the next market upturn were additional priorities.

IPA’s Solution

IPA Capital Solutions formed a working team with the client to develop recommendations for new organization and staffing levels. Using IPA research, we explored alternative options for its PMO organizational structure based on industry practice. IPA also provided staffing benchmarks for direct and indirect personnel based on their current portfolio and identified other ways to make more funds available for staffing. The collaborative approach included frequent communication with senior management to ensure understanding and alignment on the organizations and staffing levels approach.


The client used the outcomes to adjust staffing levels and reorganize successfully. They retained enough competency to ensure preparedness for the next market upturn.

Key contact

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Allison Aschman

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

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Carlos Tapia

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

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