Case Study

Seeking Excellence in Project Management

The Problem

“We are struggling to define how a project manager’s function should vary for different types of projects. We need help developing a project manager career path. How do we assign the right project manager to the right project(s)?”

These comments came from a company trying to create a better approach to managing its project management function. The company wanted to attract, develop, and retain the best project managers and have the right people available at the right time. This client also wanted an independent look at what Industry does in this area, so it could learn, form an opinion on, and develop its own protocols.

“We will be making a recommendation for change!”
– Capital Projects Director

IPA’s Solution

IPA identified six unique project manager functions in Industry. Each function was defined by the responsibilities of the position and the associated knowledge, skills, and abilities that drive success in the role. Based on the functions’ details, IPA developed a competency model and proposed project manager career path that highlighted key development opportunities to move from one capability level to the next.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The study results were delivered in a detailed report and an interactive presentation. The client integrated the learnings and recommendations into the organization’s career path and training process.

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