Case Study

Setting Project Managers Up for Success

The Problem

After seeing a research study IPA had performed, site leadership was interested in understanding if there was anything they could do to help their project managers be more successful.

“We want to understand our project managers. What kinds of projects would they be best at? What are their development opportunities? As a site, are our project managers in a position to succeed, or are there specific things they need to improve their likelihood to deliver successful projects?”

IPA’s Solution

Using an online survey, IPA collected information about each project manager’s background and experience, approach to leadership, and personality. Their responses were then compared to successful project manager profiles developed based on IPA research that statistically link individual attributes, including experience, leadership style, and personality, to project performance.

The results were delivered along with a benchmarking and staffing assessment, providing site leadership a complete view of how to improve its support of projects.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

From the comparison, we were able to outline each individual’s strengths and development opportunities and the suggested support required to improve a project manager’s likelihood of success in each of four different project types.

IPA delivered individual reports describing each project manager and their strengths and development opportunities for each project type. The results were reviewed in detail with each project manager and the management team to support uptake of the findings and facilitate improving the site’s talent management system. The client integrated the learnings and recommendations into the organization’s career path and training process, identified immediate organization-wide development opportunities, and used the individual findings to coach and develop each project manager.