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Using Data to Strategically Improve Organizational Staffing and Design

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The Problem

If I have to make organizational changes, how can I make them in a way that minimizes long-term damage? Do we have enough project personnel to execute our large, complex portfolio? One company faced these challenges while working through the effects of a significant reduction in capital spending and the implications on its project system.

IPA’s Solution

IPA conducted a system-level staffing analysis of the direct project personnel and management/overhead staff. We benchmarked the client’s staff by region of operation and highlighted key gaps. We then conducted a thorough evaluation of the client’s project system, including all elements of the organizational structure, involvement in the project management process, and organizational roles and responsibilities.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The study revealed several unexpected, yet important, results for the client. First, although the client believed using its project organization and processes was mandatory and uniform across the project portfolio, IPA highlighted variance in their role early in the process and the resulting inconsistencies in project performance. In addition, although the company believed its staffing was excessive, IPA’s analysis determined it was actually leaner than Industry. This analysis was provided in an integrated deliverable that highlighted key results, important opportunities, and decision points for the client. The client used the information to make informed strategic decisions, and we continue to discuss the appropriate way for the client’s system to move forward in this volatile environment.

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