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Using Team Perceptions to Identify Barriers to Success

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The Problem

Does my team know something I don’t? Do they have all of the critical elements in place to make this complex project a success? Are my partners aligned? The leadership for a complex greenfield project involving multiple owners and several contractors had these concerns.

IPA’s Solution

Using our confidential online survey, we collected the project team’s perceptions of various project aspects, including the definition level, input from stakeholders, team collaboration and alignment, and confidence in the project. Input was collected from the top-level leadership of both partners down through the functional leadership, contractor personnel, and discipline and craft-level personnel. IPA then performed detailed comparisons of the team member’s responses across varying sub-groupings against industry norms to identify and quantify areas the team was concerned with and/or misaligned on.

Delivery and Client Use of the Results

The survey results identified several significant team concerns leadership was unaware of including the lack of effective decision making and lack of confidence in the leadership. The survey further uncovered a serious misalignment between the owner partners. These results were presented to project and company leadership, along with actionable recommendations to help the project team put the project back on track. Based on the findings, the client paused to realign the team through various team building exercises and workshops. The team also revised the organizational structure to address other areas of risk the study revealed. When IPA reassessed the team months later, we found a team transformed—partners were aligned, and team members expressed confidence that the project was on the path to success.

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