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IPA Newsletter December 2017 (Volume 9, Issue 4)

In This Issue:

IPA Turns 30
Independent Project Analysis (IPA), Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary in November 2017. Since its founding in 1987, IPA has been the organization hundreds of companies have turned to for data-driven insights into how to deliver better returns on capital projects. Recognized by the world’s leading industrial processing and upstream companies as the preeminent capital projects industry consultancy, IPA has proven time and again that when capital project systems are organized, staffed, and led properly—and have the right work and governance processes in place—organizations can safely deliver cost and schedule-advantaged projects.

Establishing a Fit-for-Purpose Project System
There are few downsides to fit-for-purpose systems. When designed and implemented properly, a truly fit-for-purpose system drives project delivery improvements linked to better returns on capital spend. Too often, though, a company will struggle to align a new or revised system, replete with known drivers of capital project effectiveness, with its existing organizational structure and competency framework.

Early Estimates of Increasing Importance to Biotech & Pharma Capital Projects
Like other capital-intensive process industries, project organizations serving pharma and biotech companies are motivated to keep project costs low. In recent years, though, businesses have been pushing project teams to commit to cost and schedule targets early in Front-End Loading (FEL). Unfortunately, the pharma and biotech companies have had a difficult time developing dependable early project cost targets

Cost Overestimates a Detriment to Airport Construction & Maintenance Projects
The construction and renovation of airport terminals and flight operations facilities worldwide represents a large portion of the capital being spent on infrastructure projects today. IPA’s assessment of capital projects at several airports globally shows a significant opportunity to enhance capital effectiveness in this infrastructure sector.

Effective Site-Based Project Portfolio Execution Requires Owner, Contractor Staffing Balance
Plant managers and project directors alike cannot ignore the importance of balancing site-based project portfolio expectations and needs. But determining whether a staffing approach can drive site-based project outcomes is no walk in the park. An IPA research study that evaluated nearly 80 project sites found large variability in full-time equivalent (FTE) project system staffing.

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