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IPA Newsletter December 2023 (Volume 15, Issue 4)

In this issue:

Incorporating Sustainability Goals Into Project Portfolio Planning
How do companies identify and justify standalone sustainability projects? How do companies include sustainability goals in stay-in-business and growth project objectives? IPA’s Allison Aschman shares insights gathered directly from 28 owner companies across industrial sectors.

Hybrid Working and Capital Project Teams
Is hybrid working a viable option for capital project teams? We asked 48 project managers and capital project leaders about the hybrid working policies at their companies and how the policies manifest in day-to-day work. In this article, Katya Petrochenkov shares IPA’s findings on hybrid work.

The Domino Effect of Cash-Flow Driven Projects
For capital projects, a cash-flow constraint occurs whenever spending must be slowed to meet a non-project requirement. As market forces strain companies and cash-flow restrictions re-emerge as a tool that businesses use to cope, it is important to understand the domino effect these constraints have on project results.

Also in this issue:

  • Building a Sustainability Culture in Capital Projects
  • Solutions for Capital Project Systems
  • Case Study: CSRA Helps Project Course Correct in Mid-Execution
  • Decarbonization Insights for Offshore Oil and Gas Projects
  • Optimize the Staffing, Competence, and Structure of Your Project Organization and Teams
  • UIBC EMEA Roadshow 2024
  • Upcoming IPA Events & Presentations
  • IPA Institute Training Course Schedule

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