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IPA Newsletter January 2020 (Volume 11, Issue 4)

In this issue:

Strengthening Project Organizations for Local Governments
In 2019, Sarasota County’s Capital Projects Department asked IPA to determine whether its organizational design and staffing were sufficient to support its portfolio demands. This article highlights some of the findings and actionable recommendations from IPA’s organizational assessment to help the county strengthen its project organization and drive performance improvements.

Movers Recognized for Project System Performance Improvement at UIBC 2019
At each annual meeting of the Upstream Industry Benchmarking Consortium (UIBC), member companies receive exclusive insights into how their capital project systems and performance outcomes stack up against their oil and gas industry peers. In 2019, three member companies were identified as movers within the industry by emerging to join the ranks of the top performers. By following the UIBC’s low-cost framework, these member companies are now reaping the benefits in the form of project cost efficiencies of at least 30 percent above the industry average.

IPA Unveils Subsea Tieback Appraisal Software
Fast-paced subsea tieback projects require an immediate understanding of cost and schedule estimate competitiveness. To meet the needs of this growing segment of the upstream industry, IPA has developed a new software application called Snapshot: Subsea Tieback. Snapshot supports timely project development decision making by providing reliable key subsea tieback project metrics up to 80 percent faster than a standard IPA subsea project evaluation.

The Link Between Owner’s Costs and Mining Project Performance
IPA has completed a multi-client research study involving more than 110 mining and minerals projects. The study identified an optimal owner’s indirect and engineering cost range, which facilitates quality and effectiveness improvements. The study findings, which also include 10-year industry spending trends, can help mining companies diagnose their cost allocation and spending strategy, identify drivers of spending, and more.

Sustainability Insights From the Field of Complex Capital Projects
When organizations implement a business-led sustainability strategy and the right sustainability practices at the right time, it is possible to transform project complexity and risks into comparative advantage. This article reviews key sustainability practices and the benefits gained from integrating them into the Front-End Loading (FEL) process for complex capital projects.

Also in this issue:

  • Deb McNeil Joins IPA as Capital Solutions Director
  • IPA Institute 2020 Public Course Schedule
  • Focusing on European Airport Capital Project Effectiveness
  • IPA Events and Presentations

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