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IPA Newsletter June 2022 (Volume 14, Issue 2)

In this issue:

The Business Case Makes the Project!
When the business case is a strong compelling idea, the project that follows is very likely to be strong as well. IPA President and CEO Edward Merrow explains how IPA’s new Project Viability Assessment (PVA) can help companies gauge the strength of their business case to ensure project success.

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis: Current State and Opportunities
AACE International has recommended applying parametric methods to historical project data to identify the effects of systemic risks. To address this need, IPA has launched the Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA).

Case Study: IPA’s Upstream Team Staffing Tool to the Rescue
Learn how IPA’s new Upstream Team Staffing Tool helped a client bring the right people onto the project at the right time to build a strong foundation for its megaproject.

The Challenge of Innovation for New Ventures and Startups
For new ventures and startups, recognizing the challenges that come with commercializing new technology and addressing them early in the development cycle is a hallmark of successful technology innovation. This article outlines the top three failure modes for innovative projects and how to avoid them.

Also in this issue:

  • What Is the Right Contracting Strategy for Green Hydrogen Projects?
  • CCUS Project Performance Norms Study Launches
  • Improving Sustainability Practices in Capital Projects
  • Annual UCEC Meeting Returns to Texas
  • The Top 5 Risks for Europe Chemicals Projects
  • What Is Benchmarking in Capital Projects?
  • Alberta Capital Projects’ Improvement Signals Its Emergence from the Lost Projects Decade
  • IPA Institute Training Course Schedule
  • Upcoming Events & Presentations

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