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IPA Newsletter March 2023 (Volume 15, Issue 1)

In This Issue:

Are Mining Companies Ready for the Next Investment Upcycle?
A decade of underinvestment in mineral projects and the changes associated with the green economy is setting the mining industry up for a period of growth that may last for decades. IPA North America Director Astor Luft discusses how mining companies can prepare for this next investment upcycle.

Investment in Union Labor Pays Off for US Capital Projects
A new IPA research study confirms that capital projects that use union labor for construction have better outcomes than those that use non-union labor. IPA Deputy Director of Research Michael McFadden shares the highlights in this article.

Carbon Working Group Tackles Social Responsibility and Abatement Performance Metrics in 2023
The Carbon Working Group brings together companies from all industrial sectors to connect corporate sustainability goals with the capital projects that can make those goals happen. In the first bi-annual meeting of the year held in January, the group aligned on 2023 objectives to progress social responsibility Best Practices and abatement performance metrics.

Transitioning to New Energy: An IPA Energy Company Survey
IPA recently surveyed a number of our energy clients to understand how companies are changing their portfolios during the energy transition, and to understand the perceived areas of difficulty for developing renewable projects. IPA Senior Research Analyst Jonathan Walker provides a summary of the results.

Also in this Issue:

  • IBC 2023 Highlights Market Trends, Fast Schedules, and More
  • Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA)
  • Case Study: Closing the Planning Gaps for a Food Production Project
  • Project Viability Assessment (PVA)
  • IPA Announcements
  • CCUS Project Cost & Schedule Norms
  • IPA Institute Training Course Schedule
  • New Technology Risk Analysis
  • Upcoming IPA Events & Presentations

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