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IPA Newsletter September 2015 (Volume 7, Issue 3)

In this issue:

As Project Costs Increase in China, Mexico Stands to Gain
Mexico is re-emerging as the “go-to” country for improving project cost competitiveness while capital project cost trends strongly suggest that China’s reputation as an attractive, low-cost location to build new manufacturing capacity is losing its luster.

A Changing Projects Market Landscape Amid China’s Economic Turmoil
“The increasing cost of projects and shifting domestic consumer demand preferences have altered the capital investments landscape in China,” according to Greg Ray, the senior analyst assigned to many of IPA’s in-country client engagements there.

Target Setting for Middle East Projects Isn’t Working
Some of the largest, most complex projects ever devised are either under development or have been completed in the Middle East. Although projects can and have been delivered with world class results on many levels, the majority are less successful. Meanwhile, the average competitiveness of projects in the Middle East is stagnant and continues to lag the global Industry.

Also in this issue:

  • Stemming the Tide of Mineral Project Value Losses
  • Oil & Gas Practice Report: Deciding When to Develop Large Reservoirs
  • Research Corner: Untapped Value in Capital Projects Research Solutions
  • E&P Industry Cost Engineers Assemble at 2015 UCEC Conference
  • CRC Finalizes First Set of Research Conclusions
  • Study: Equipment Procurement Slip on the Rise


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