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IPA Newsletter September 2020 (Volume 12, Issue 3)

In this issue:

Setting Up CCUS Projects for Success: Overcoming Front-End Development Barriers
IPA has completed project risk evaluations on half of the large-scale Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) projects currently in operation globally and will share the key factors that drive success for these projects over a series of articles. The first article in this series discusses why CCUS projects are so complex and highlights the importance of having clear business objectives to steer their development and execution.

Reducing Capital Projects Staff Without Long-Lasting Damage
Reducing capital projects staff may be unavoidable for some owner companies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah Sparks, IPA Product Development Leader for Organizations & Teams, offers four key considerations for making smart, informed staffing decisions and to avoid repeating past mistakes.

How Has COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis Affected 2020 Digitalization Efforts?
In January 2020, IPA conducted a poll of owner companies to understand the different types of digitalization projects underway across the industry at that time. In this article, IPA Capital Solutions Director Deb McNeil shares new information to reveal how these digitalization projects been affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Estimating Metrics for Pharmaceutical Capital Projects
With increased spending on the construction and expansion of pharmaceutical facilities, a group of life sciences companies asked IPA to leverage its capital projects database to develop a suite of early estimating metrics to aid in developing and validating detailed cost and schedule estimates.

Manufacturing Facility Relocation: Lessons Learned from Past Projects
Manufacturing facility relocation projects tend to perform poorly in terms of cost and schedule predictability, but their frequency could be on the rise with the economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. Project leaders who understand and apply Best Practices can increase their chances for success.

Also in this issue:

  • Case Study: Market Insights for FPSO Projects
  • Case Study: Site Staffing Analysis for Rapidly Changing Project Portfolios
  • IPA COO Elizabeth Sanborn Appointed to ECC Board of Directors
  • On-Demand COVID-19 Webinars
  • IPA Institute Courses Resume Online & Upcoming Schedule
  • IPA Events & Presentations

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