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IPA Newsletter September 2022 (Volume 14, Issue 3)

In this issue:

Recent Insights From the Head of IPA’s Cost Analysis Group
Aditya Munshi, Product Portfolio Officer and the head of IPA’s cost group, provides his insights into market trends for capital projects in 2022.

Low Cost and Low Carbon Are Not Mutually Exclusive
IPA research has found that cost and carbon competitiveness are not mutually exclusive: both can be achieved at the same time with the right practices.

Early Operations Integration Is Key to Meeting Production Targets in the Renewables Business
Project and business results are more predictable and more competitive when owner operations representatives are integrated into the project team in all phases.

What Is Project Benchmarking?
IPA’s Director of Consortia Membership & the IPA Institute Andrew Griffith explores the different types of project benchmarking, the challenges of benchmarking, and the steps that the project benchmarking process entails.

Also in this issue:

  • Case Study: Assessing the Current State Illuminates the Path Forward
  • Carbon Working Group Pursues Optimal Low-Carbon Scope Selection
  • Cost Engineering Committee Meeting to Be Held in McLean, VA
  • IPA Institute Training Course Schedule
  • Upcoming Events & Presentations