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Early Estimating Metrics for Green Hydrogen Projects

Study Overview

Independent Project Analysis, Inc. (IPA) is launching a multi-client research study to establish a suite of metrics to support early estimating for green hydrogen projects. IPA is leading this study at the request of several owner companies and we invite others to join this initiative. The study will produce separate metrics for proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis and alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) technologies. Participating companies will be able to use the metrics for conceptual and feasibility estimate development, plus detailed estimate validation.

Reliable Data for Better Decision Making

Green hydrogen is a high priority technology for energy transition plans around the world, and therefore, project success is top of mind for companies active in this sector. As so few green hydrogen facilities on the megawatt scale have reached mechanical completion to date, the industry lacks the unbiased data needed to reliably support early estimating. This study will fill the void by producing metrics to help companies improve their early decision making and project selection activities.

IPA’s Proven Methodology

IPA will conduct the study by employing our proven methodology:

  1. Develop a standardized cost coding structure and data collection form
  2. Collect project cost and technical data from participating companies securely and accurately
  3. Normalize the project cost data, adjusting for escalation, currency, and project location
  4. Analyze the data and generate the metrics
  5. Develop the metrics deliverable and share with participating companies
  6. Continue collecting data to update the metrics annually

Included Green Hydrogen Project Metrics

  • Material Quantity Metrics
  • Office Cost Metrics
  • ISBL Cost Metrics
  • OSBL Cost Metrics
  • Schedule Metrics

Join the Study

Complete the form below to request more information about joining the study. The study is tentatively set to begin in May 2023.