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Accurately self-evaluate sustaining capital project risks

IPA research has shown that Front-End Loading (FEL), or project definition, is one of the most significant drivers of project success. However, many organizations do not employ an effective project definition work process in a consistent manner, which degrades project outcomes and hurts the site’s return on capital. Powered by IPA’s FEL Index, project teams use the FEL Toolbox software as a guide throughout the project definition process and gatekeepers use it to accurately assess a project’s readiness for execution.

Key Benefits

Accurately Measure Project Definition
Understand a project’s FEL score overall as well as detailed scores for the three main components: site factors, engineering status, and project execution planning. Compare project FEL scores against industry and your company averages.

Improve Decision-Making
Analyze gaps and opportunities in project preparation to gain internal alignment on project objectives and deliverables, and quickly determine whether a project is ready for sanction or needs further work.

Turn Action Items Into Results
Apply detailed recommendations for improvement and risk reduction to achieve better FEL, cost, and schedule performance.

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