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The world’s leading industrial companies working together.

IPA’s benchmarking consortia provide their 50+ member companies with the highest level of access to IPA research, Best Practices, metrics, and tools proven to help produce better business results.

Industry Benchmarking Consortium (IBC)

Driving continuous improvement within the manufacturing industries.

Established in 1992, the IBC is a premiere group of the world’s leading industrial companies in the processing, refining, infrastructure, and mining and minerals sectors. IBC member companies actively discuss the latest capital project industry trends and performance hurdles through an annual meeting, competency-focused subcommittees, communities of practice, and periodic webinars.

Through benchmarkings of both large and site-based systems conducted by IPA, IBC member companies receive exclusive insights into how their capital project systems and outcomes stack up against their industry peers with respect to safety, cost, schedule, and operational performance. IPA helps each company to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its project system and map out a plan for improvement.

IPA has received industry acclaim for many groundbreaking research studies conducted for the IBC. Recent examples include:

  • Conceptual Estimating and Scheduling for Business Decision Making
  • Getting Gate 1 Deliverables Right
  • Making the Agile Manifesto Agile for Heavy Industrial Projects
  • Measuring Engineering Quality

Upstream Industry Benchmarking Consortium (UIBC)

Driving continuous improvement within the E&P industry.

Following on the success of the IBC, IPA formed the UIBC to meet the specific needs of owner firms in the oil & gas exploration & production (E&P) industry. UIBC member companies enjoy all of the same benefits that the IBC provides (exclusive research, performance metrics, knowledge sharing, annual meeting, competency-focused subcommittees, communities of practice, periodic webinars, and more), but with a focus squarely on the E&P industry. Membership consists of super majors and national owner companies (including those with partial state ownership), as well as majors and independents.

As smaller projects have grown to represent a larger percentage of E&P project portfolios today, the UIBC has expanded to include performance metrics and research dedicated to site and sustaining capital projects.

Recent examples of IPA research conducted for the UIBC include:

  • Delivering Carbon Competitiveness in Projects
    Clarity of Objectives
  • Assessment of Industry Water Injection Performance
  • Sustaining Capital Project KPIs

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