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Gain unbiased insights into capital project risk

IPA’s cost and schedule risk evaluations enable project teams to make informed decisions free from bias. These independent assessments are powered by our unrivaled capital project database, which contains cost and schedule data for thousands of projects executed over the last 30+ years.

Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA)

Unbiased Data to Inform a Capital Project’s Final Investment Decision

IPA data show that the chances of a significant cost overrun or schedule slip are often higher than shown in the risk analysis supporting the Final Investment Decision (FID). The Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) leverages IPA’s proprietary data and methodology to quantify how likely a project is to meet its targets, while also identifying the potential risks and how to reduce them. By producing a true, independent picture of the project’s cost and schedule, the CSRA gives management the information and confidence needed to make informed decisions.

Estimate Quality Review & Detailed Cost Analysis

Assess the Quality of Cost Estimates and Compare to Industry Benchmarks at the Discipline and Craft Levels

IPA’s Estimate Quality Review & Detailed Cost Analysis  provides a detailed forensic analysis of a project’s cost estimate to identify the use of estimating Best Practices as well as industry comparisons at a detailed level (engineering disciplines and construction crafts). By evaluating the estimate development work process and fundamental estimating assumptions as well as comparing key metrics to historical data, owner companies gain a clearer understanding of the quality of the cost estimate and receive granular feedback on areas of improvement.

Capital Project Schedule Evaluations

Assess the Quality of Your Schedule Estimate

How well is your project’s schedule defined? IPA’s Capital Project Schedule Evaluation examines your project’s schedule and compares the level of detail, logic, integration, and resource-loading with industry norms. The project team gains valuable insights into schedule quality and opportunities for improvement.

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